The Appreciation Tour

A tour for those who truly appreciate the amber nectar and want to visit the home of some of their favourite whiskies – such as, to name only two, the Glenlivet and Glenfiddich.

With this tour we aim to give you a deeper appreciation of the Single Malt Whisky world. So you’ve savoured these drams at home; now let us close the gap between your imagination and reality – and what a beautiful reality it is. The intimate connoisseur tours lead you to the dark warehouses where twelve years is a short time and drams drawn straight from the cask let you really experience where the magic happens.


Then, if your heart desires, we will drive you to The Speyside Cooperage to truly broaden your appreciation of the humble dram; the skill, craftsmanship and sheer speed required to prepare casks for vital maturation is nothing short of incredible.

We still have room for one more distillery though. What’s it to be?
Contact us and share your ideas, we are here to make your holiday a special one.


NB: Price quoted includes hire of car and driver, all other costs including lunch and any entry fees are in addition.

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