‘Tis the season to be jolly!  And it appears for Mrs C and the children to wipe out any meagre savings I might possibly have had for one day of madness, over indulgence and forced jollity.      Ach I love it all really and particularly the days – nae weeks and even months up to the big day when the children pour over toy catalogues and write their ever longer lists to Santa and get more and more excited as the day dawns.    You can’t help but get caught up in the whole fun and the shops around Moray here in Buckie, and those such as Christies of Fochabers, Brodie Countryfare, Decora and the shops in Elgin have made such a great effort to decorate their shops with bright lights and everything that sings and jingles which all adds to the excitement in this gloomiest of months.

For adults it’s the season for shopping (some organised like Mrs C, some last minute like myself) and of course it’s just a great excuse for over eating and drinking.. all in the name of celebration.   And not just on the day itself because December is the month of parties – including the office Christmas party!   Was that a whoop of excitement I hear or a groan of misery?

That day in the calendar when you get to swap your sensible work attire for a sparkly jumper, give that Christmas tie its annual outing and dazzle the opposite sex with your flashing… your socks that is.. those Rudolf flashing nose socks were such a hit last year … Or is that just me?

There’s such a range of parties to go to, those just with a meal – including Christmas pizzas or the bigger events such as bring a party to a party.   And it’s not just the office party it seems that every club and organisation has a party.  Whether you  groan at the thought of a full Christmas dinner followed by dancing and inevitably karoke and instead yearn for a quiet curry and a few beers you just have to get involved especially when these days you have to sign up in August.

So the day of the party arrives with much excitement from the, usually, younger members of the staff whereas the older, wiser members groan inwardly as they remember with considerable pain parties of the past.  And no matter how much you start out with a resolution to drink moderately, avoid the calorie loaded pudding and go home early, somehow, somehow …you are knocking back the wine, stripping off the jacket and tie and grabbing the mike to belt out ‘My Way’ by Sinatra before the Christmas pudding has even been lit.  And as for the dancing … well it’s fairly obvious that those hours compelled to watch Strictly by Mrs C have paid off as you not only adopt the new freestyle dancing but give Ashley and Pasha a run for their money.    (Or so you think.).

And so to the next morning when the pain in your head is nothing to the anguish you suffer from endless plays of video footage on phones, emailed around the office  – oh how grateful we are to this social media generation …and yes to Facebook where it has sooo many likes from family.. including your Granny?? Oh and yes, what joy even your favourite clients are enjoying it too …   Pass me the alkaseltzer and let’s pray for a power cut.

Ace Taxis can get you safely to your party but alas what happens then is entirely up to you, but we can get you home again safely too.     To ensure that the regrets of the night are confined to just the dancing, leave the car at home, book a taxi well in advance and if you do plan to go somewhere the following day – book a taxi too so that there is no risk of driving over the limit the next day.