Wayhey! It’s the Speyside Way!

You lucky, care-free, walking holiday-makers, that’s all I can say. I have yet to walk the full 65 miles of the Speyside Way in one go, but if the start is anything to go by, the full stretch is going to be truly magical.

The Speyside Way is one of Scotland’s four official long-distance walks, spanning a good 65 miles. It starts at the coast in Buckpool Harbour and finishes in the capital of the Cairngorms National Park, Aviemore. All in all, quite a climb from sea-level into the mountains.

For the practical among you, you’ll find maps and general information on the official Speyside Way site here . And have you taken care of your luggage? Our baggage transfer service spans the whole journey.

The first 45 minutes of walking the Speyside Way is just a treat; sea air, flat paths, expansive views, the perfect warm up. If you can peel your eyes away from the rugged North Sea, you’ll come across beautiful little Victorian fishing cottages, a haunted bothy, oh, and then colonies of brown and grey seals who come ashore to rest from the harshness of life in the North Sea. They are truly a sight to behold; some weighing in at a mere 180kg. Be sure to stay on the path, the seals are sensitive to humans and easily disturbed; if they return to the water with insufficient rest they can die of exhaustion out at sea. They’re also atrocious singers which makes some of us feel good about ourselves.

And, however far you plan to walk in one day and however wet the day was, there is nothing better than getting to your destination to find your bags (i.e. those warm slippers and that good book) patiently waiting.

Happy Walking Holiday from Ace Taxis Moray