A New Addition to the Family

There is something we like just as much as our Single Malt.  Our transport.

We spend most of our lives travelling around the Speyside area and beyond, so transport to us is like office space to you.  The views, the nature, the craic at the distilleries; it’s a hard life.  And all to be enjoyed from our new vehicle!

We also really understand that our beloved clients are on holiday!  And this means you’re looking for ease, comfort, cleanliness, style and luxury when you’re touring around in your precious free-time.  Our clients book us because you know that the stunning scenery on the journey is just as an important part of the experience as the distillery destination itself.

Meet our brand-new Mercedes Vito Traveliner with seating for up to 8 people, leather interior and capacity for lots (and lots) of luggage.

Not forgetting the free Wi-Fi. Who doesn’t want to share pics of the expansive skies and rugged hills as and when you’re seeing them?

We even have a trailer and bike rack for the really equipment-heavy travellers among you.  As keen mountain bikers ourselves… as much as we love roughing it on the mountains, when the day is done we understand what a bit of luxury does for the soul.

It’s time to visit north-east Scotland.  Grab some good friends (up to eight!) and get in touch.  We can’t wait to show you around some fantastic distilleries and everything else that this area has to offer.

The only problem might be getting you out of our wonderful new Mercedes Vito Traveliner.

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