Cask Strength Whisky, the perfect gift

The world of Cask Strength Whisky. You arrive in Scotland, meander round a few distilleries and start to notice these dangerous-looking CASK STRENGTH WHISKY bottles, displaying an alcohol volume that you would be afraid to put on your paint-brushes, never mind down your throat.

And then, if you’re like me, you try one and – with a touch of melancholy – realise there’s no going back.

So, what is a Cask Strength Whisky and why is it the perfect gift?

‘Standard’ Single Malt Whisky at 40% or 43% ABV

When single-malt whisky is taken out of the cask, the alcohol level is much higher than 40% (unless it’s a seriously old whisky you’re looking at). Water is then added to take the alcohol level down to 40% and most whiskies are chill-filtered to remove any particles that may have come from inside the cask.

Why on earth would they do that? This allows them to sell a reliable whisky with consistent alcohol levels and, of course, a clear spirit with no bits or cloudiness in it, exactly what your general consumer expects.

Cask Strength Whiskies

A Cask Strength Whisky is taken straight out of the cask and put straight into the bottle. Job done. Warts and all. But flavours and all, my goodness. And viscosity and all, how fabulous. I feel some cask strengths can almost be chewed they are so rich and oily. OK, and the strength and all; this part can be over-powering. However, if the alcohol volume is too much, you can simply do what the distilleries do anyway and add your own water to suit your specific tastes.

The Perfect Gift?

It’s easy to find Cask Strength Editions which can only be purchased in Scotland, so if you have someone you really love who’s a whisky fan, do them a favour and take them one home.

Ace Tours are experienced and well-practiced in introducing you to distilleries famed for their superb cask-strength ranges. Give us a shout, come and experience for yourself what we’re raving about.