Ballindalloch Estate: Scotland in a nutshell?

There are not many visitors who come to Scotland WITHOUT at least a castle, a distillery or a round of golf on their bucket list. Ballindalloch Estate has all three – could it be Scotland in a nutshell? They even have a grass maze for those of you with a truly alternative bucket list.

Ace Tours specialise in whisky tours but it’s not uncommon for our guests to have widely different interests. It did shock us at first that not everyone loves Single Malt Scotch Whisky. But we’ve recovered well; and in this case, we would suggest somewhere like Ballindalloch Estate which has something to please lots of tastes.

Otherwise known as ‘The Pearl of the North’, Ballindalloch Castle is a perfectly preserved sixteenth-century castle – still inhabited by the family who built it – with rose and rock gardens that laugh in the face of Scotland’s climate; seriously beautiful blooms and all perfectly maintained. The golf course has been designed to champion-standard with eighteen holes for the holiday champions among us.

And the distillery? Definitely worth a visit; Ballindalloch is Scotland’s first Single Estate Distillery using barley grown on-site to produce their single malt – very rare in today’s distillery world.

So, if you’re a group with lots of different bucket lists, give us a call and see what we can recommend for you. We’ve been driving people professionally around the area and meeting local business owners for well over 19 years. If there’s something worth doing in the north-east of Scotland, we know about it.

And now, so can you. Grass maze, check!