A summer dram: Glenglassaugh Revival (even when it’s dreich)

A Scottish Summer

Well, in case you didn’t know, it’s the summer holidays. We – in Scotland – do have to remind ourselves of that from time-to-time. You know, when the weather’s not at its summer best.

But for all that we complain about it; the weather really isn’t a problem when you have excellent waterproofs. Some of my best days out walking have been in the pouring rain; good company is the key to having a brilliant outdoor holiday, not the weather.

In fact, returning to your home for the night, soaking wet from a walk in the hills and (if you’re really unlucky) bitten alive by our old friends the midges, there are a couple of life lessons to be had. The first is realising why the Scots have hundreds of words to describe rain and the second, is truly understanding why the nation’s dram is such a brilliant invention.

Glenglassaugh Revival

If you prefer to drink something ‘lighter’ in flavour over the summer, let me suggest Glenglassaugh Revival as an ideal summer dram.

Glenglassaugh Revival doesn’t have an age statement and is probably around 4-5 years old. To me, it is simply a light, sweet single malt and easy to drink.

This Revival (aptly named after the distillery came back into production) has been matured in a wild combination of casks: starting with red wine, then onto American Oak Bourbon casks and finished off for 6-months in Oloroso sherry casks. And, since the malt is not chill-filtered, this allows it to retain some complexity and a variety of aromas.

Think caramel, fruit, honey, sweet with notes of orange.

Ace Tours

If you’re visiting the Moray Firth, Glenglassaugh Distillery itself is situated on the edge of a truly stunning sandy beach called ‘Sand End’ with coastal walks leading up to the wonderful Finlater Castle ruin.

Start at Finlater Castle in the pouring rain, watch the weather patterns from the coastal path right across the North Sea and end with a warming summer dram at the distillery.

Let Ace Tours show you around the area. Who knows, by the time you book, the sun might be out! That’s part of the beauty of Scotland.

We look forward to hearing from you.